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About Us

Senior Citizens are a treasure to humanity as they have immense knowledge and experience. Throughout their life they work hard to create a better future for their children. This is the time when they need our support and help and it is our duty to take care of them. The seniors come with a lot of experience and talent and such talent pool should not go waste and should be utilized. There are lot of seniors who are retired but still want to work. Even at the age group of 60-70 years there are those who are physically fit and are willing to work .The reasons may be varied, from financial independence to the zeal an urge to keep themselves busy. Varishth is a step towards this. Our goal is to empower our senior citizens so that they can utilize and share their knowledge with the world once again and in turn take care of themselves as well. We have launched our online job portal to enable our seniors get back to work according to their expertise and preference.


We at Varishth strongly believe in this initiative and our aim is to provide full support and opportunities to our senior citizens who want to start their second innings to work and earn once again. India has around 80 million people of the age of sixty and about almost 90% of them are not covered under any retirement or pension plans .There are many senior citizens who do not have children or family to take for them or who still are fit to continue with their job.


With the number of seniors increasing and not being cared for, making them economically strong and independent is the need of the hour and at Varishth we would ensure the same. We are non-profit organisation working towards make the second innings of our seniors as good as their first.

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