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The Ageless wonder

Read this story on by Shivarama Bhat on Facebook and found it truly inspiring. So wanted to share the same as we truly believe in that age is just a number and it is only a mind game .


This is what he wrote in his post .


“For 91-year-old Sunanda Rangappa Nayak, age is just a number. Her cheerful disposition, magnetic presence and love for life will have one and all mesmerized.This lady zipped her scooter past my motorcycle this morning. Stopped her for a talk. Her secret of happiness ..she never reads newspapers in the morning, never talks ill about others, likes tomato madras rasam and she picks up fresh kottambri soppu every day for rasam, on her scooter.


She wants to learn rifle shooting and do motorcycling with me, gave me a fair info on cruiser bikes right from Harleys to Ducatis. She believes nature as god, never sees god in temples and does what she likes in life…that’s the secret of her happy life.”


Yes true , to be happy you need to be happy first . And each one has his /her own way to be happy . But whatever it is  one should surely aim at happiness but not at the cost of others. You don’t have to put others down or hurt them so that you can have a good life. Sunananda aunty also teaches us the fact that there is no age for a new goal or dream. She wants to learn rifle shoot and also ride the motorcycle which I’m sure not many of her age or even much younger than her would dream of doing. But then why not ?? Why should we stop dreaming because we have reached a certain age ?? You decides what should we do ? Well, it is in our hands …we need to figure out what is it that we want to do . Being a senior citizen doesn’t mean a confinement to boundaries . Do what you really want to do and live your life to the fullest. Thank you Sunanada aunty for the inspiration.

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