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I truly draw inspiration from my mother. She retired from work 7 years ago, but her zeal, energy and enthusiasm towards life is truly motivating. It is not just my mother, but a lot of seniors like her around who I’m sure truly believe in the fact that age is just a number and their life cannot be defined by it. I too agree with the fact that if your physically fit and capable then your age should not stop your from doing what your heart wants .It maybe a hobby that your want to pursue or get into some charity work or travel the world or pick up a job as well .
So what is mantra of happiness and staying active post retirement? Let’s read on


Re-discover a lost hobby or skill


The pressures of working life are immense as you are the bread-earner for the family and have loads of responsibilities. So now it is the perfect time to pick up a hobby that you left long time ago. If you love singing you may join a karaoke club in your society or neighbourhood or be a little tech-savvy and the internet can help you out.  Again talking about my mother, she loved to play the sitar in her college and thanks to the sitar that was gifted by her sister last year , she has started playing it . Currently she is looking for a teacher to help her brush up her skills. So what are you thinking, get started now! Children, even you can help your parents re-discover their lost talent or even learn a new skill.


Be physically active


Yes, it is an old saying that health is wealth. It is very important to stay fit and everyone knows it but few follow. You don’t have to spend hours and money in a gym or be on strict diet, a simple walk every day and healthy eating can do the trick. You may also opt for meditation or yoga or pick a sport of your choice even. Golf, badminton, lawn tennis and table tennis are some options. If you have a group of friends or stay in condominium, plan some sports activities on a regular basis and have a gala time with your friends. You may also organize cultural activities or simply have a party for all the seniors in the society community centre every month .My parents stay in Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi which is like a retirement resort. They have so many activities planned all around the year that at times these seniors are busier than us. Whenever I go there, I can feel the happiness and energy around.


Connect with people


Don’t stay aloof, utilize your time to meet and connect with your friends and family. There are many senior citizens clubs that are operational these days. It is always healthy to connect with like-minded people. You don’t have to confide yourself at home always. Try and go on excursions and small outings with your friends and family. This is the best time to enjoy and be happy. Even if you are single or don’t have your family around you can make new friends. There is no age limit to new bonding and friendships.


Pursue a career


What if you have retired from work because norms say so? You can still work if you want to. My mom really wants to get back to work if she gets an opportunity. There are many companies these days that are on the look out to hire seniors on as they have abundance of knowledge and experience to share. You may also work towards and choose a job or career that you always wanted to pursue but could not. Working would keep you busy and also make your financially independent which might be a need for some.


I tend to get baffled with the smallest of things at times, but when I see my mom I am amazed at the way she handles and does things with ease .I’m sure at her age it must be difficult to do some of the tasks that she does but never ever has she had a frown on her face while doing them. I’m not sure how she does this but kudos to mom for her strength and zeal. I hope I can be somewhat like her when I reach her age.


“Age is just a number .It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be bottle of wine”-Joan Collins

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